Petrol Generator Portable

Petrol Generator 2.8kW 8HP 4 Stroke Engine Outdoor Portable Böhmer-AG 6500W

Petrol Generator 2.8kW 8HP 4 Stroke Engine Outdoor Portable Böhmer-AG 6500W

Petrol Generator 2.8kW 8HP 4 Stroke Engine Outdoor Portable Böhmer-AG 6500W  Petrol Generator 2.8kW 8HP 4 Stroke Engine Outdoor Portable Böhmer-AG 6500W
6500W-e 8HP Petrol Generator Electric Start. PROS TO COPPER WOUND GENERATORS OVER CHEAP ALUMINUIM WOUND GENERATORS. When purchasing a petrol generator it is important to know that whilst from outward appearance they may all look similar, it is what is inside that counts. Böhmer AG generators are manufactured to a high spec and all models are copper wound whilst the majority of other generators found on the internet are aluminium wound. Because they are much cheaper to produce and few will realise the difference unless they know what they are looking for. Aluminium wound generators will not provide a stable constant current, providing only 61% of the conductivity of copper. Aluminium is also brittle, prone to expansion and is much weaker than copper. If it does not say copper, it's probably not! Decades of specialist petrol generator design has been used to create this extensive, energy conscious range boasting advanced safety features.

With petrol generator Böhmer-AG you can get prepared, to be prepared. The petrol generator 6500W-e has been designed with you and the planet in mind. The fuel efficient of petrol generater Böhmer-AG copper wound motor gives unparalleled performance whilst reducing emissions. Intelligent power management reacts to your needs, only producing what's needed when you need it by automatically adjusting the engine revs to match the current draw.

Getting started is quick and simple using the electric key start. Massive 2800W of power delivered over dual 240V outlets and a 12V DC. A Brand You Can Trust With expert support from Bohmer-AG perol generator, qualified staff, we have your back should you have any questions. The durable frame protects and houses a powerful 210cc 8HP Air Cooled OHV Böhmer-AG engine. The front panel has been designed with clear controls and the whole unit has a highly portable design for ease of use. The advanced overload detection system will automatically shut down the power output whilst keeping the engine running in the event of a power overload. The low oil protection system will automatically protect your engine by cutting out the engine if your oil level is too low. This intelligent generator allows you to run multiple appliances simultaneously, with confidence. Also, the high quality copper wound motor is designed to last unlike the cheap aluminium wound motors that most generators rely on. It's so easy to get started with your Böhmer-AG generator. Just add oil and fuel, turn the switch on and then turn the key. These are designed to be easy to start with minimal fuss.

Bohmer Domestic Petrol Generators are for backup use only and are not recommended for continuous use. It is recommended to allow 20% above the wattage you need when choosing a generator. So a 1000W heater would generally need a 1200W generator. This will ensure that your generator will have a long and extended life. A petrol generator can be used for two types of loads.

A resistive load has no moving parts and no start-up power requirement. An inductive load applies to most items with a moving part. So the rule of thumb will be if you are using an inductive load, you would need a generator that has a capability of three times the start-up wattage. For example a 1000w Pressure Washer will need a Petrol Generator capable of a 3000w Start up.

NOTE: The generator will require filling with 0.6 litres of 10W30 grade oil before first use. Maximum Output: 2800W/2.8kW/3.4KVA. Volatage Regulator: Automatic voltage regulator. Emergency Indicator: Auto breaker overload protection.

Safety Measures: Low oil automatic shut down. Continuous Rated Output: 2600W/2.6kW. Fuel Tank Capacity: 12 Litres. Oil Type: 10W30 or 10W40.

Engine Type: Single-Cylinder, 4-Stroke, Air-Cooled, OHV horizontal shaft. 1 x 12V Key Ignition Housing. 1 x Set of Stainless Steel Fitting Bolts. Overall Dimensions (LxWxH): 600 x 440 x 490mm.


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Key Electric Ignition & Recoil.

Petrol Generator 2.8kW 8HP 4 Stroke Engine Outdoor Portable Böhmer-AG 6500W  Petrol Generator 2.8kW 8HP 4 Stroke Engine Outdoor Portable Böhmer-AG 6500W